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After knowing Natasha professionally for almost five years, I was interested in finding out more about her and her partners steer into property. I was then not surprised to learn that they had, for over a year, been seriously investing both time and resources into learning and gaining critical, up to date knowledge and in fact had started up their own property business!

Anyway, after doing my own research, talking with them and I must say, receiving their step by step clear and accurate information along the way, I decided to invest with them. Their integrity, transparent and straight forward approach has been so refreshing. I feel very positive about their business, their exciting family plans and look forward to the regular, professional updates from them on how both my investment and their business is doing.   

 Lindsey, Practitioner Psychologist, London

After reading the business proposal and discussing this in much further detail with Ray I was comforted and reassured that my objectives would be met and the investment was built around these foundations.  Natasha and Ray have invested a very substantial amount of time, effort and resources into their business idea and this is shown in the breadth of their knowledge and their willingness to be flexible with potential clients to meet their needs. 


All of my questions and concerns were answered promptly in a professional manner and clear information and direction was provided along the way.   Upon doing my own research I decided to invest and Ray/Natasha have made this a very simple procedure, backed up by a solid contract.  By utilising social media it is very easy to monitor the progress the business is making, but more specifically I can see the rapid progress my investment has helped to fund.


Jack, Financial Analyst, London

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