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Natasha Catchpole

Natasha spent over 8 years working in the Psychology field devoting her time to the improvement of other peoples lives.

Working with staff at some of the biggest companies in the UK, her ability to build strong relationships and connections immediately allowed her to put the right strategies in place for each unique case.

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Ray Catchpole

Ray has 10 years of experience working in the financial industry and is fortunate to have spent much of this time focusing on regulation.

Having managed a team who worked closely with the biggest financial firms in the industry Ray utilised his team and project management skills to ensure to ensure they were working effectively and to their full potential.

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We are proud to work with businesses in the local area. Each business is careful selected based on their values and skill set. This ensures that we are all working towards the same shared goal of raising the standard of living in our investments areas whilst create an experience for our tenants.

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