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Coaching / Mentoring




8 x 1 hour sessions

About the Course

To grow and move forward in any area of our lives we need to develop and expand as people. Coaching has played a massive difference in our journey and who we now are as people.

Not only is our own success important to us, but also that of other people. We work with a range of individuals at different stages of their journey, whether that be in life or property, by offering one to one or couple coaching and mentoring programmes.

Why coaching and mentoring?

· Helps you to achieve your full potential

· Helps you to identity, develop and achieve your goals

· Work through difficulties and challenges together

· Helps you become accountable for your actions

If you would be interested in working with us we offer different packages (3, 6 and 12 months). You can purchase a 3 month Mentoring package, consisting of 8x 121 sessions below for only £2000!

Each package is tailored to the individuals needs.

Your Instructor

Ray and / or Natasha Catchpole

Ray and / or Natasha Catchpole
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