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Catchpole Property is a company that specialises in creating homes for families, professionals and students. This also allows us to create opportunities for investors. Our high-yielding properties provides supreme returns for our investors to enjoy.


With an increasing portfolio, we appreciate the need to take a diverse approach to each investment, carefully considering which strategies work for each opportunity.


Cautious Approach + detailed analysis = Strong results

Each opportunity is approached using a detailed set of rules and analysis. This ensures that our business has a strong foundation of assets on which to build long and sustainable returns for our investors.



To dramatically improve the standard of living, providing an experience that is second to none in our carefully chosen investment areas. Whilst creating long-term sustainable wealth for our investors.


We will do this by:


  • Bring derelict housing stock back into current use to satisfy the highest demand ever seen in the UK (and increasing).

  • Satisfy the need for Student accommodation and professionals in our investment areas.

  • Provide additional employment opportunities for local trades and industry.

  • Provide high-quality affordable housing in our investment areas.

  • Create long-term sustainable wealth for our investors.



To provide a better world for future generations through education and renovation

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